I’ve been going through a lot lately, with myself.. and trying to figure out more about myself, there will always be so much mystery .. but I can learn more every day. There are so many things I was doing wrong in the past, I won’t say wrong.. because everyone makes mistakes, but things I wasn’t really thinking to much about before I did. I’ve moved on so strongly, taking better care of myself and the things around me. I’ve become to much more one with myself and my surroundings. I lost myself there for a little while, but I’m so glad I’m finally starting to find myself again. Hooping has helped with that so much, no matter how bad I feel, I can just pick up my hoop.. and smile, at least if it’s only for a minute, that still counts. It makes me feel free & comfortable. I’ve been drawing again, and taking more pictures ~ I’m coming along. I’m trying to hard, and most of the the time succeeding, to eliminate the things that were toxic to my health. Music is my life, if it wasn’t for all of the music I surround myself, I don’t know what I’d turn too. I love my friends and family, but music.. music is something else.  I’m so grateful for the connection  music has with my soul, and all the beautiful friendships I’ve made through experiencing different music throughout my life. I see too many people not appreciating life and what they have, it really makes me sad. I’ve been down that road before, and I’m sure I’ll be down it again, but I just have to keep my head up and keep on keepin on. I try to be there as best I can for my friends, and I think I do a pretty good job considering all the ups and downs all around. I try and be a source of encouragement and comfort. I want to inspire the people around me, and make them smile. I really hate when I bring negative energy around, I know everyone has their days ~ but I try extra hard to make those days not so frequent. Whenever I walk outside to walk to the train, a smile comes to my face.. especially this time of year. No matter if it’s cold, raining (well the rain gets to me a little… it’s not fun being soaked on the train/walking/at work haha) but whatever, as soon as that sun touches my skin, it’s like a little piece of heaven is coming down. 

my thoughts are trailing off, as they tend to do very often.. all I really want to get across is that you can always overcome the obstacles life gives us, it’s just making things interesting, no matter how hard to struggle. Nothing beautiful ever comes easy ~ we all need to work for happiness, at least just a little bit. Love your friends and family, for they are the ones who hold you up when you’re falling down an endless black hole. Love the earth, for it provides us with life and beautiful nature, endless explorations. Be grateful that you get to experience the ups of life, even if you have to endure the downs. Everything will be alright, I promise. .. Smile ^_^ 

<3 you all <3





Life goal: live out of my car and travel the continental United States. You can’t truly appreciate your roots until you’ve explored every nook and cranny. I haven’t given up on you, America!

When I think of living out of a car I don’t think of it like this but this looks pretty cozy.

Where do you shower

You can shower at truck stops &amp; ymca’s if you have a member ship

thisis DOPEEEEEEEE this is my dream ^_^


tristin sLeeps ~ 
.. I actually took a lot of pictures i liked tonight in a weird state of mind, so be expecting a random pile of pictures of tristin


I had a beautiful piece of fluorite, just like this one.. and it somehow just slipped away from me. I&#8217;ve missed it so much for so long, and my best friend just came back from Hulaween, and surprised me with this gem (: I just spent an hour arranging all my crystals around candle light and I never realized how much my collection has grown, that was one of the first times I&#8217;ve arranged crystals in a while and it felt so relaxing and comforting as I had emancipator Pandora playing. I cleaned my whole glass shelf and straightened up all my books and sketch books - cleaning kicks are nice, but it&#8217;s 2:30 am and I have work tomorrow.. so I need to finish this job tomorrow - hopefully I do. time to rip some bowls and rest my eyes, goodnight world (:


so lame lololol but sorry its true meh



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i miss this time a year ago on tumblr when people talked to me on here, it kept me busy and kept my mind okay..

need moar art


my minds way to inconsistent but i think i just put myself into determination mode.. beyond.. 

goals. .. goals.. goals.. please achieve them

stop wandering and keep writing

keep creating and keep talking …actually dont stop wandering but save all your money it’s much more needed later than now…depending on the situation trust me..

no go to sleep


most of the time, i challenge and push myself.. but right now. i just can’t, and these are the times where I wish I had someone who cared enough to give me a push, a burst of creativity.. shove me.. challenge me, ask me to do an art project or write them a story. Do a photo shoot for me please, put me to work. Sometimes we all need a little push from someone else. I’ve been craving that for so long it’s really all I want

smiles and warm hugs, the perfect touch and a pushhhhh to get me going.




NASA Astronaut Douglas Wheelock: “Unimaginable images persist in memory…Earth - raging with life in a vast sea of darkness.”
Photo Credit: Douglas Wheelock